Imagine yourself standing on the high desert surrounded by blood-red mesas and yellow-ocher castle like rock formations. Far off in the distance is a purple haze of the sunset, graced with bright pink clouds and the reflections of Grandfather Sun’s radiant sunset form. Before you is the entrance to the sacred Kiva. The opening is on the ground before you. The hole is Mother Earth supports a ladder that leads you blow to the inner-space of prayer, reflection, and ceremony. At the bottom is the earth floor with a small ceremonial fire burning just east of the Kiva’s center. The walls are laced with the fires reflections. The shadows appear like phantom form of the ancient Kachinas dancing around the circular wall of the Kiva. This is the place of inner reflection. This is the place where the Sacred Hoop of all nations is made whole. As you near the fire, you are shown the Medicine that allows you to know your place in the Sacred Hoop. How you relate to each set of Great Mystery’s creatures and life-forms is revealed in a set of visions brought before your eyes in gusts of smoke from the ceremonial fire. Imagine again, that you sprinkle bits of dried Cedar over the fire and the smoke from the Cedar brings each vision. The message you receive from these visions are a gift that each set of your relations is giving.

1. The first card is the Outer World card, which will give you a clue to the way you present yourself in the world of modern life.

2. The second card is the Entering card, that tells you which attitude to assume every time you enter silence of ceremony.

3. The third card is the Floor card, when you reach the dark inner-space of Kiva, you may need to adjust your senses.
4. The fourth card is the Stone People card, will be the gift you are given by the Stone People to aid you in your Earth Walk.

5. The fifth card is the Standing People card, which denotes the relationship you have to the Tree Nation, what assistance they offer you.

6. The sixth card is the Creature-being card, It speaks of the tool you need to relate to animals of Mother Earth.

7. The seventh card is the Sky Nation card, which denotes the relationship you have with Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon.

8. The eight card is the Subterrainiums card, it represents the race called Subterrainiums that live in the inner-Earth.

9. The ninth card is the Ancestors card, that symbolizes all of those who walk the Red Road before you.

10. The tenth card is the Kachinas card, which speaks of your relationship to Kachinas.

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